Koh Samui Kayak Camp(2 Days 1 Night at Angthong National Park)

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2 days / 1 night

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Angthong National Marine park is an archipelago in the Gulf of Thailand consisting of 42 separate islands. The principle islands are Phaluai, Wau T a Lap, Mea Ko, Sam Sao, Hin Dap, Nai Phudh, and Phai Luak. All the island occur in Angthong of Koh Samui, Suratthani. The park covers a total area of 102 km2 of which about only 18 km 2 island. The National Park does not encompass the entire island chain, but its jurisdiction covers about 82% of the total area. The park was established on 12th November 1980.

The area of the Gulf of Thailand in which the islands are situated is at maximum 10 meters deep. The island rises up out of the water, and is thus surrounded by relatively water. This means that the water is greatly influenced by turbid river water from the mainland. The river water does not encounter deep water that reduces its velocity, and thus it can carry the sediment to settle. The water around the Island is thus fairly turbid all year round.

The coral development on the island is not extensive and is restricted to a narrow band encircling each island close to the shore, especially on the Southwest sides. Although the Northwestern side of the island is the area most influenced by the monsoon, good coral develops in the sheltered spots, especially elephant coral. Thus, there is an abundance of brain coral, stags horn coral, and, in deeper waters, there are plate and flower corals (genus Panova and Goniopora). Animals found
include Butterfly fish, Angel fish, Parrot fish, Sunray, Black up shark, Grouper and cowries shells.

Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday

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