Akko Art Gallery
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10.00 - 18.00

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Monday - Sunday


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All paintings we sell, are fine, original works of watercolors, oils, woodcuts and drawings by both Thai and Foreign artists, (some very famous). Prices range from 1,000 baht for a little treasure up to 200,000 baht for a collector’s work.
Akko Art Gallery is highly regarded in art circles, having built up a solid reputation since 1990. Besides providing services as art dealers and consultants, we manage several top artists, including Somboon Phuangdorkmai. We have organized many international and domestic art shows and our clients include many top Thai, Japanese and foreign businessmen and Thai professionals as well as corporate clients..
Akko also provides framing services and provides consultations for paintings for your home.

How to get there :

15 Minutes walk from Thonglo Station

10 minute drive from The Emporium

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