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Ko Tao
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Ko Tao  Ko Tao is an isolated island in the Gulf of Thailand, located 45 kilometers northwest of KoPhaNgan. In the past, the Department of Corrections used the island as a detention camp for political prisoners (The Bowondet Rebellion) under the rule of the People's Party. The island has been inhabited since 1947. It is an island with lush nature, abundant marine life, beautiful coral reefs in both shallow and deep sea, a variety of colorful fishes, and many white sand beaches for leisure. There are also many diving schools where new divers learning basic skills. The best travel season is from February to April. Various types of bungalows are offered at different prices for visitors to choose. Ko Tao is accessible by boat, car, and motorcycle. There are two routes in service: from the pier to Sai Ri Beach in the north and to AoLuek in the south. Interesting attractions on Ko Tao and Nearbyarea:-LaemHin Cho Po Ro is a cape on Sai Ri Beachwhere the stone inscribed with the royal initials of King Rama V, is located. It is the evidence of a royal marine visit.-Laem TaTo is a viewpoint on the mountaintop, overlooking the scenery of AoThian Ok and AoChalok Ban Kao. There are coconut plantations interspersed with rocks.-Sai Ri Beach is the longest beach of the island. It has white sand and coral reefs along the beach.-Surrounded by cliffs, AoLuek is a bay located at the southeast of the island where there are a beautiful rocky cape and a diving site for viewing coral reefs. -KoKong Sai Daeng is a small island with numerous coral reefs and beautiful fish for visitors to see. It is also one of the best scuba-diving spots. -AoLoemThian is a small bay located near a cliff. It is the location of impressive boulders, shallow-water coral reefs, and fish in beautiful colors and with striking stripes.-AoTanot is a bay located at the east of the island. It is a diving spot for coral reefs and has beautiful scenery. There is also a cliff that extends to LaemThian.-Kong HinChumphonis a pile of underwater rockslocated away from Ko Tao towards the direction toChumphon Province. The boat trip to visit the pile takes about 90 minutes. Coral reefs are found in the sea at a depth of 120 feet where abundance of fish can be seen.-Kong HinKhao is a pile of underwater rocks located at the west of the island towards the end of Ko Nang Yuan. Coral reefs can be seen at a depth of 90 feet in the sea. It features giant rocks leaning against each other where with sea anemones and abundant fish can be seen as well.  

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