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Thai Silk Village Ban Sanuan Nok
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          Thai Silk Village Ban Sanuan Nok is located in Tambon Sanuan. The villagers here speak Khmer, the dialect that is used in the way of life in the Khmer rural communities in Lower Isan. Most of the villagers do farming and have an extra career, which has been passed down from generation to generation, of sericulture and weaving silk in the unique ancient pattern called Hang Krarok silk. In addition, other handicrafts are created; such as, baskets, bells, woodcarvings, carved coconut shells, etc., for demonstrations and sales to interested people.

          Tourists can visit the village every day. For a study tour or guided tour, an appointment must be made in advance. For more information, contact Tel. 08 0472 4435, 08 5411 4435.

          To get there: From Buri Ram town, take Highway No. 2447 (Huai Rat-Krasang), switch to Rural Road Bo Ro 3048 and turn right at the T-junction. Go ahead to pass Huai Rat town for 3 kilometres and see an entrance to Ban Sanuan Nok on the right-hand side. The total distance from town is around 13 kilometres.

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