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Chiang Khan
Chiang Khan


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    Amphoe Chiangkhan, Loei

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The former Chiang Khan Town was located in Xanamkhan, Laos and founded around 857 AD by Khun Khan, the son of Khun Khua of the Laotian kingdom of Lan Xang. Circa 1707 the kingdom of Lan Xang is divided into two kingdoms, i.e. the kingdom of Luang Prabang, ruled by King Kisarath and the kingdom of Vientiane, ruled by King Setthathirath II. With the Nam Hueang River as the border between the two kingdoms, the former was situated north of the river while the latter was on the south side of the river. After that Luang Prabang founded a frontier town called Pak Hueang on the right side of the Mekong whereas Vientiane’s frontier town called Chiang Khan was also founded. 

In 1777, King Taksin the Great of the Siamese kingdom of Thon Buri had Somdet Chao Phraya Maha Kshatriyaseuk and Chao Phraya Surasi invade Vientiane. They conquered Vientiane and took with them the Emerald Buddha from Vientiane to Thon Buri. After that, all the Laotian kingdoms were united as the tributary state of Siam and a number of hostages from Vientiane were forced to move to Pak Hueang. Then Pak Hueang was put under the control of the Siamese town of Phichai. 

In the reign of King Nangklao, Chao Anouvong led the Laotian Rebellion to declare independence from Siam. He invaded Nakhon Ratchasima but was later caught and imprisoned till his death. After the rebellion, numerous hostages from the left side of the Mekong were forced to move to Pak Hueang. Then King Nangklao appointed Phra Anuphinat as the first ruler of Pak Hueang and renamed the town as Chiang Khan. 

During the reign of King Chulalongkorn, the Chin Haw invaded Viantiane and Luang Prabang and plundered Chiang Khan, which was on the left side of the Mekong. A number of Chiang Khan people, therefore, moved to a new town of Chiang Khan Mai, also known as Pak Hueang. 

After that, since the location of the new town was considered inappropriate, most townspeople moved to the village of Ban Tha Na Chan, which is near present day Chiang Khan Town.  The village was later renamed Mueang Mai Chiang Khan. 

Afterwards, because Siam lost its territory on the left side of the Mekong to France, the town of Pak Hueang became under French control. Some Siamese who lived in Pak Hueang then migrated to Muang Mai Chiang Khan. After that, the town was renamed Mueang Chiang Khan Mai and the town hall known as Sala Mueang Chiang Khan was founded in Wat That. Afterwards, the town hall was moved to Wat Phon Chai. In 1909, the town was granted Amphoe, or district status and Phraya Si Akkhahat (Thongdee Siprasert) became the first Chiang Khan District Chief. In 1941, the district office was moved to the current location.


Chiang Khan has three seasons. The hot season begins in March, the rainy season in June and the cold season in October. 

Major attractions

1.Kaeng Khut Khu, Ban Noi, Moo 4, Chiang Khan

2.Wat Phra Buddha Bat Phu Khwai Ngoen, Ban Pha Baen, Moo 6, Buhom Subdistrict

3.Phu Tok Viewpoint, Ban Chiang Khan, Moo 2, Chiang Khan Subdistrict

4.Murals at Wat Si Khun Mueang, Wat Si Khun Mueang, Chai Khong Road, Moo 1, Chiang Khan Subdistrict

5.Project to Commemorate Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, Ban Khok Ngio, Moo 5, Pak Tom Subdistrict

6.Tham Wat Pha Baen, Ban Pha Baen, Moo 6, Buhom Subdistrict

7.Tat So Waterfall, Ban Kaeng Mi, Moo 6, Na Sao Subdistrict

8.Ban Pa Nat Tai Dam Ethnic Group Cultural Centre, Ban Pa Nat, Moo 4 and 12, Khao Kaeo Subdistrict

9.Ban Na Sao Phi Khon Nam Cultural Centre, Ban Na Sao, Moo 1, Na Sao Subdistrict

10.Phra Buddha Nawamintharamongkhon Lila Thawinakharaphirak at Wat Pak Nam Hueang, Ban Tha Di Mi, Moo 4, Pak Tom Subdistrict

11.Nam Phu Thammachat, Wat Nam Phu, Ban Hin Tang, Moo 6, Chom Si Subdistrict


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