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Carte Blanche
Carte Blanche


Foeskellige Køkkener : Middelhavet
Restaurant Type : Tagterrasse og terrasserestaurant, Luksusrestaurant, Privat anretning
Opening Hour : 00.00 - 00.00
Payment :
adresse : Chalong
Tel : +66 2 7127127
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Carte Blanche

Carte Blanche endeavours to reach an ideal; the wondrous restaurants remembered from long ago holidays in Provençe.
Carte Blanche is a temple where food is still a magical experience, and where there is a chef to create what you want, not an assembly line to manufacture a menu planner's view of what you should want. The menu reflects what is fresh at the moment, hence it changes almost daily.
Our Menu Dégustation features dishes selected from our à la carte menus and served in smaller portions. This menu must be pre-booked.
We challenge ourselves daily, and dare you to determine hat you exactly want.

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